Catch Up With Rach!

Hey Dreamers! Here with another catch up with Rach, I concept I created to update and have catch up. As you can tell I’ve pretty new to blogging officially and admittedly very inconsistent but that’s something I’m working on this year. 🙂 Firstly I have a new blog post up titled Mini Jewellery Haul that I think you’ll enjoy. Right now I’m finishing up with my second … Continue reading Catch Up With Rach!

Mini Jewellery Haul

Hey Dreamers, So recently I’ve purchased some really lovely and affordable jewellery pieces that I thought would be soo nice to put into a blog post for you guys but to also have an excuse to take a few too many photos of them. All jewellery pieces were purchased from a small Jewellery shop on Depop called Pipsqueaks Pieces, with the account handle @gr0wing_pains. Admittedly I … Continue reading Mini Jewellery Haul