My First Impressions on Noughty Hair Products

Hi Dreamers,

Today’s blogpost is going to be my first impressions and experience with using Noughty Hello Wave Shampoo and Conditioner.

To all my followers that recently saw my post on going sulphate and silicone free then you knew this blogpost was in the works and was going to be posted Today, welcome back guys! ☺️ But if you’ve not yet read that blogpost you should be able to find it under this blogpost so you’re all caught up.

So last week I was shopping online on the Superdrug website finally got around to purchasing this Shampoo and Conditioner, after watching some Impressions and Reviews on YouTube. As most of the time I don’t buy something unless I’ve read or watched reviews of the website or products I’m looking to use or purchase.

The reviews I saw were pretty good and I thought I haven’t got much to loose seeing as my hair was gradually becoming more unattainable with every wash like I mentioned in my last blog post.

NOTE: I was going to purchase this in store but they didn’t have the 2 for £9 offer on the Shampoo and Conditioner in store but did on their website, and I really didn’t want to buy them as they were at £6.99 each. It’s not too bad if you can afford that but being a student in third year I’m trying to constantly save as much money as possible, as I’m unable to work at the moment because of personal reasons.

When transitioning into sulphate and silicone free hair products, you’ll want to shampoo your hair with your original shampoo that you’ve been using with sulphate in. To break down and help get rid of any existing silicone in the hair.

When using the Noughty shampoo I lathered it up and it be came a bit cold but the feel was very soft and soothing, not to mention it smelt soo nice.

The conditioner was pretty think which was easy to work into really damp hair, more so at the ends of my hair. CAUSE GURRRL THOSE ENDS NEEDED CONDITIONING! 😂

After a few washes I could already feel a slight change to my hair, girls with long hair may relate as this is the time you squeeze out all the dripping, excess of water and then wrapped that up with a towel for a few minutes.

I normally do this or leave it in a bun and leave the rest of my hair to air dry as I’ve never been too much of a fan of blow drying with all that heat. It’s been a few months since my first experience and I have transitioned into the rise and shine edition and I feel this is more suited to my hair type.

Thank you for catching up with me in this particular post! I hope you’re doing well and feel free to like, comment and share this post to friends!! Speak to you in my next blog post,

Rach xx

Going Sulphate and Silicone Free.

Hi Dreamers,

Today’s blogpost is going to be a bit different as I’ll be chatting to you about my first impressions and experience with Noughty Hello Wave Shampoo and Condition.

Before I begin, I may add this might be quite a long one, so grab a snack and your fave’ hot drink and let’s get into the blogpost!!


The hair care brand Noughty is a British brand that produce products which are sulphate (sulfate), silicone, free. They’re also vegan too! What more could a person want?!

After discovering how bad silicone is for your hair and that it’s literally in so many products (not only for your hair I might add), but also that it strips your hair from natural oils, doesn’t let any moisture into the hair and dawn right damaging to any curly girls out there!

Sulphate helps to prevent silicone build up on the scalp and hair, still, you don’t want to be using silicone products without sulphate products like shampoo.

For a good couple months I did a lot of research in my free time into how’s they’re bad for your hair, other girls experiences and hair products in the UK that are free from all of the bad properties.

I finally came across Noughty hair products while shopping online at Superdrug. I couldn’t believe I’d found something that is actually in stores (that is in the UK and is a correct brand) and that not toooo pricey for what I’ve been looking for.


In my blog post coming Saturday will be my first impressions and experience with Noughty hair products.




(Anything with ‘cone’ at the end.)

– Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Thank you for popping in for today’s blogpost, I really hope you enjoyed this little switch up on content! Feel free to Star, comment, share to any of your friends or family. Even if they don’t have curly/wavy hair.

Rach xx

July Rundown ’18


Hey Dreamers,

this month I’ve gotten into a couple new things such as programmes, activities, and  SHOES!! To start off with, here are a few Netflix series that I’ve recently gotten into this month; let me know in the comments if you’ve watched any of these and your opinions on them.

This month I had a lovely weekly stay at center parcs, although the room was really stuffy when it came to me going to sleep, I really enjoyed waking up to the nature outside my bedroom window, my family had fun swimming and we also had a few bike rides while we were there. I haven’t ridden a bike for a good few years now so the initial first minute took a bit of getting used to, but I was looking forward to cycling prior to the trip and it just reminded me how much I love and have missed it.

If you’d like to see a few photos I took while being there you can check them out on a saved story on my Ig @RachaelTeasdill. I also have a short film in progress so stayed tuned on my blog and Youtube channel.


Netflix recommendations:

1: The Originals

2: Good Witch

3: Once Upon A Time

Movies and Additional Programmes:

1: Tomb Raider (2018)

2: Brain on Fire

3: Outlander series 2

4: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

July Videos



This month I’ve been loving Ariana Grande’s new singles at the moment, especially ‘God Is A Woman’. The visuals for the music video are so stunning and iconic, this could be the best song and music video to date; in my opinion.

On youtube, I’ve rediscovered the American solo singer, songwriter ‘Kiana Ledé which I first found when she posted covers of songs, and really like her voice and her interpretation of the songs. She’s recently come out with her Debut Ep ‘Selfless’ and it’s so good. If you’re into the R&B/Soul genre definitely check it out here.

My fave’s at the moment are ‘Ex’, ‘Fairplay’ and ‘Show Love’.

July Playlist


★ ‘Going Places’ Suitcase from Primark

Dorset Tea bags from Stewarts

Instax Mini 9 Camera from Argos

New Instax Mini 9 Camera Case and Photo Album from Amazon

★ Pastel/light Yellow Nail Polish from Avon

★ Grey checkered printed Trainers with suede laces from Primark



I also purchased a pretty good quality printer/scanner for my personal summer project of firstly creating prints and t-shirts with my illustrations on, I’m currently in the process of experimenting and developing my illustrations for this small business. I’m really excited about this as it’s been a long time coming, always a dream in the back of my head but I’m trying to keep telling myself ‘just go for it’ as ‘I have nothing to lose’.

Feel free to comment what you’d like to see on the prints and t-shirts, I have a good idea of what I want to produce but I’m always open to concepts and other themes that my target market might also enjoy…

I hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup, as you can tell by the title I thought it would be a good idea to change it up a bit. I also have a few interesting blog posts coming soon that I think you’ll love as I’m aiming to get back into the swing of creating content for my little space on the internet. Anyway till my next blog post,

Rachael x

Catch Up With Rach!

Hey Dreamers!

Here with another catch up with Rach, I concept I created to update and have catch up. As you can tell I’ve pretty new to blogging officially and admittedly very inconsistent but that’s something I’m working on this year. 🙂

Firstly I have a new blog post up titled Mini Jewellery Haul that I think you’ll enjoy. Right now I’m finishing up with my second year of Uni and dawn it’s been interesting, stressful, great, a bit like a rollercoaster really. My current and last project was a live project with GFW which you may or may know about. You can find more about it here.

The Holographic Blur Instagram is now up to date so you can now go and check that out, I also have a few Monthly Favourites blog posts up, filled with content such as videos and music playlists that I think you’ll like, if you do read any of them feel free to comment; as always I love hearing what my readers have to say. 

I’m currently thinking of making plans with my Sister to go to Harry Potter World, as she’s found a new interesting in the wizarding world and I think she’ll love the experience. I’m also preparing myself for tomorrow, as with my uni group, we’ll be helping out at the Fashion show in my local town, which will be interesting to have the experience not only for my CV but to gain a better understanding on how Uni fashion shows work.

Within the past few weeks, I’ve been purchasing and listening to some new music that you may find in my Monthly Favourites/Music Playlists, artists like Anne Marie, Camila Cabello, and Charlie Puth and well seeing as I thought I’d share these with you I ask you to listen to each one with an open mind as you may surprise yourself and find music that you will love. I know I have and continue to, you can check out their new albums that I listened to by clicking on their names.

I’m encouraging myself to read more as it’s from one of my new year’s resolution and as I have more time to do more of what I love it’ll be easier to make time for it along with drawing, I’m also thinking of getting a summer internship or get a job this summer. I personally think these will help me grow and learn more as a person. Speaking of drawings I’ve recently illustrated a portrait of an old friend from school, which took me a few hours to draw; which you can find on my main Instagram. 

A sneak peek into this months favourites, I love to sing, and a song I recommend is THIS, and a series I’ve watched HERE. I hope you’ve had a lovely day and continue to learn and grow in this beautiful, horrible, weird world we live in.

Until my next blog post.





Mini Jewellery Haul

Hey Dreamers,

So recently I’ve purchased some really lovely and affordable jewellery pieces that I thought would be soo nice to put into a blog post for you guys but to also have an excuse to take a few too many photos of them.

All jewellery pieces were purchased from a small Jewellery shop on Depop called Pipsqueaks Pieces, with the account handle @gr0wing_pains.

Admittedly I don’t normally buy much jewellery, just the odd earrings every now and then, but I thought I’ve been pretty good with budgeting my money this past year and that it might nice to buy a few pieces that will help me transition with spring through to summer, and I’m really happy with my choices.

This shop is great because of the products it sells and also that they do bundle deals such as their 3 for £5 deal, with just £1 for P&P. If you too have a Depop account and like what I’ve purchased, I really recommend this seller to you.


These are a few photos from a little photo shoot I created, as you can see the background was a new notebook with white paper I purchased recently from Poundland, they have a cute selection you sound check out if you need a notebook for any classes or journaling. I also used an iPhone and tablet wooden stand purchased from Ikea. All jewellery was brand new as you can tell, I really look forward to wearing them.

(If you use or see my photos used anywhere without crediting me or my blog please call them out and contact me via the contact form or social media, thank you).

Until my next post.


March Favourites ’18

Hey Dreamers,

I’m back with another monthly favourite’s post and back with my original concept for this post with each section that’s necessary, here goes…


Izombie – Netflix

Pretty Little Liars – Netflix

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men tell no Tales – SKY Demand

March Videos 2018





Here is the Playlist I made for you on Youtube. 🙂

March Playlist ’18

This month I’ve also created a Soundcloud Playlist, you can listen and check it out here; also don’t forget to follow me for more Playlists like this 🙂

03:18 Playlist



iPhone cases              Avon are 3-1

Scarf                             Argan Oil Conditioner

Letter Stamps              iPhone stand

Hand Cream               Chicken and Veg Broth

Sparkly Nail Polish              Garnier 3-1 Face Wash, Scrub and Mask

Sunglasses and case            Coloured Biro Pens

Blue Hair Scrunchy              Revlon Nail Polish

Portable Charger                  Ravenclaw Pillow

Do let me know some of your favourites and any recommendations, especially for combination skin as I just can’t seem to shift the small white spots that occur near my eyes and sides of my nose. It’s very bizarre. Thank you, see you in my next post.


February Favourites ’18

Hey Dreamers,

I hope all is well, wow I’m really finding it hard to fathom how fast this year has already gone…

Recently I’ve been busy with my current project at Uni which is a short Fashion Film for the ‘Lazy Oaf brand’. My shoot was on the 8th this month, which was a bit late due to me in stress mode;  contemplating whether or not to continue with University or not… But I’ll maybe talk about that more in a future post.

As you can already tell by the title this is my Feb’ favourites, I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment below about your own favourites this month!


P L A Y L I S T:

Feb Video Playlist ’18

Feb Playlist ’18


P R O D U C T S:

Vaseline Lip Balm – £`1 PRIMARK

‘Prince of Wales’ black and white checked scarf – £4 PRIMARK

Mango – 59p LIDL

Instax Polaroid Camera mini 9 – (B-DAY PRESENT) ARGOS



Thank you so much for sticking around, until the next post…





January Favourites ’18

Hey Dreamers,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful first month to the year, let me know in the comments, were you able to stick to any of your new year’s revolutions or are you still working on them. Here is a small collection of my Favourite’s this month…



P R O D U C T S:

Checkered Black and White re-usable Bag -£2.50 IKEA

Black Beret – £4 PRIMARK

Eyes Print Phone Case £2.99 DEPOP

Aloe vera light cream for face, hand& body – £2 AVON

Kellogs special peach & apricot cereal – £2 TESCO

Lemon green tea – Morrison’s


P L A Y L I S T:

January Video Playlist 2018

January Playlist 2018



December Favourites 2017

Hey Dreamers,

I hope you are all having a Magical December, leave me a comment below with what you’re getting up to? I’ve recently been to Winchester’s Christmas Market, and even though it was super busy; it was also just nice to wander around looking at some stall’s from gift inspiration!


This Months Faves is coming a little early for you and also so I can have a bit of a break from blogging to spend some time with Family and Friends. 🙂 Thank you to my followers, for being present, I really appreciate it; also Merry Christmas to you all.

Here are my Music and Video playlists, I hope you enjoy.

Dec Playlist

Dec Video Playlist

I hope Christmas day is spent appreciating the people around you and the ones you love the most, remember although receiving precious gifts under the tree or in stockings is fab; it’s all about being selfless and giving (so try and help out with preparing the Christmas meal when you can).

See you in 2018!!

Rach xx

♡ Catch up with Rach! ♡

catch up with rach. tea timeHey Dreamers!!

How is everyone? December is finally here and it’s time to get your Advent Calendars out, and to start getting into the swing of Christmas.

I’ve listened to some Christmas songs but I’m yet to dive right into them, what’s your favourite Christmas songs, I’d really like to know so that I can also be exposed to other songs 🙂

So I handed in my Design Identity unit about 2 Fridays ago now, and it was a bit nerve-racking if I’m honest. A few complications occurred last minute with my USB so some work wasn’t able to be handed in but it’s pretty much all done now; just waiting for my referral. #positivethoughts

Also some good news, Holographic Blur is back on Instagram, so I’ll be able to update you all on sneak peaks of my future posts through visual recordings on our Instagram feed.


Did you see our first Story on our page a couple of days ago?? If not, we have a story going up on Saturday, as well as starting to share my content that has been patiently anticipated since our comeback.


Please feel free to share your ideas on what you want to see on all our platforms as well as sharing this post with a Friend over some coffee or a hot chocolate.


I am excited to get back into my routine with blogposts, so keep an eye out for new content, such as an ‘Unboxing of Converse trainers Review’.

conv shoe

Converse Shoes

Thank you for being on this journey with me, I really appreciate it!

Rach xx