My First Impressions on Noughty Hair Products

Hi Dreamers, Today’s blogpost is going to be my first impressions and experience with using Noughty Hello Wave Shampoo and Conditioner. To all my followers that recently saw my post on going sulphate and silicone free then you knew this blogpost was in the works and was going to be posted Today, welcome back guys! ☺️ But if you’ve not yet read that blogpost you … Continue reading My First Impressions on Noughty Hair Products

Going Sulphate and Silicone Free.

Hi Dreamers, Today’s blogpost is going to be a bit different as I’ll be chatting to you about my first impressions and experience with Noughty Hello Wave Shampoo and Condition. Before I begin, I may add this might be quite a long one, so grab a snack and your fave’ hot drink and let’s get into the blogpost!! The hair care brand Noughty is a … Continue reading Going Sulphate and Silicone Free.

Catch Up With Rach!

Hey Dreamers! Here with another catch up with Rach, I concept I created to update and have catch up. As you can tell I’ve pretty new to blogging officially and admittedly very inconsistent but that’s something I’m working on this year. 🙂 Firstly I have a new blog post up titled Mini Jewellery Haul that I think you’ll enjoy. Right now I’m finishing up with my second … Continue reading Catch Up With Rach!

Mini Jewellery Haul

Hey Dreamers, So recently I’ve purchased some really lovely and affordable jewellery pieces that I thought would be soo nice to put into a blog post for you guys but to also have an excuse to take a few too many photos of them. All jewellery pieces were purchased from a small Jewellery shop on Depop called Pipsqueaks Pieces, with the account handle @gr0wing_pains. Admittedly I … Continue reading Mini Jewellery Haul

March Favourites ’18

Hey Dreamers, I’m back with another monthly favourite’s post and back with my original concept for this post with each section that’s necessary, here goes… Izombie – Netflix Pretty Little Liars – Netflix Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men tell no Tales – SKY Demand March Videos 2018       Here is the Playlist I made for you on Youtube. 🙂 March Playlist ’18 … Continue reading March Favourites ’18

December Favourites 2017

Hey Dreamers, I hope you are all having a Magical December, leave me a comment below with what you’re getting up to? I’ve recently been to Winchester’s Christmas Market, and even though it was super busy; it was also just nice to wander around looking at some stall’s from gift inspiration! This Months Faves is coming a little early for you and also so I can … Continue reading December Favourites 2017

♡ Catch up with Rach! ♡

Hey Dreamers!! How is everyone? December is finally here and it’s time to get your Advent Calendars out, and to start getting into the swing of Christmas. I’ve listened to some Christmas songs but I’m yet to dive right into them, what’s your favourite Christmas songs, I’d really like to know so that I can also be exposed to other songs 🙂 So I handed … Continue reading ♡ Catch up with Rach! ♡