Where have I been? (With updates)

Hey Dreamers,

So strange to be back typing to you. It’s been a stressful, weird and wonderful year full of ups and downs. But first where has this year gone, already we are in November! Time truly has flown by.

I’d like to say a quick thank you to the handful of followers I received while I was away. I’m glad you like my previous content and I hope you stay on this journey with yours truly.

I should probably start of with my year started of pretty busy during my time at university while preparing my final major project, it’s weird what stress can do to your body. By the end of my project and hand-in days my face was showing all that I was going through with spots and within a month by face was pretty much cleared up.

I gave myself so we’ll needed time to get back to basics after feeling like I neglected my my health, sleep, eating and care pattern. After going through some of my roughest couple of months I’m currently trying to get back into fully caring for my whole being. This week I’ve definitely tried to work on these things while trying to not put any unnecessary pressure on myself.

In June I finally graduated with my BA honours in Fashion Image and Communication. YAYY It has definitely been a difficult 3-4 years but I suppose degree ain’t supposed to by easy to achieve.

I’ve not only graduated from university but I’m preparing some a big project, putting my degree to go use, which I admit is taking a while to figure out along with post graduation life and finding myself in adulthood. I’m aiming to freelance with this project I’ve mentioned, while either working part in business in my local area or finding work elsewhere. I’ll still be blogging my thoughts but it could possibly be moved to a different blog for a fresh start and my new posting days will be on Fridays.

Until then you can follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting my new content. Thank you for reading up to this point if your still here. ☺️

Much love,

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