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Hey Dreamers,

So as you may know, from reading my previous blog posts that my family and I will be off to Center Parcs for a week, enjoying a bit of sun, activities and some nature. The first and last time I went was when I was 13 yrs old, so this time may be a little different as me and my sisters have grown up a lot since about 8 yrs ago.

For Today’s blog post, I will be going through some of my travel essentials for an in-country (a few days to a week or so long) holidays. Let’s start off with my suitcase!

suitcase-by rachael teasdill for holographic blur


For my suitcase, I purchased some travel laundry pouch/bags from Amazon to help organise all that I needed to take with me.

Like anything to do with packing, whether it be for a sleepover of 1 week holiday I always make a simple list of what I will be needing/what I need to pack with me, as personally, this helps to visualise them and how to pack sufficiently.

I visualised and planned any outfits and had each piece go with one another so I could make the most of what I had and swap it up if I felt the need to once I was there. I rolled up any loose trousers and t-shirts, only taking one 3/4 sleeve cardigan with me as it was Summer and it was unnecessary to take anything else like this. I packed all clothing items in the same compartment, keeping the same version of one but 2 half the size; one for undergarments like bras, knickers and socks and the other for the other two pairs of shoes I chose to take. 1 pair of sandals, for around the accommodation and inside along with another pair of trainers (which could be considered more dressy).

wash bag rt for holographic blur The wash bag I used was part of a x3 set of wash bags from Primark, by using the larger one I used this for all my shower and skin care products, this came especially helpful when it came to showering, brush teeth and hair and anything for the face. I then used the medium sized one for any makeup products, sanitary towels, paracetamol and plasters.

All sizes came in handy for any additional things. I really recommend these type of wash bags, as they can be helpful for the organisation or for when you have holidays, sleepover; even when you go swimming at a sports centre and use the showers afterwards.

backpackIn my backpack throughout my stay, I had my (grey polaroid) Instax camera, a bottle of water, sunglasses (in case) etc as it was helpful and easy to have my most used and essential products in my bag with me anytime we did or went somewhere.

The backpack I chose to use was one of my sisters’ old ones purchased from Primark. It’s a very practical size, I was able to fit quite a few things in it, it’s also a navy blue type of velvet material which also went well with all the casual outfits. As you can tell by the photo above I also brought along my Instax camera for capturing memories which I put in my suitcase once we got there, as well as a small jewellery box, for when I wore any small hoops or simple necklaces and wanted to store them in a secure place; or just having the option out of a few I selected to bring along.

These are a couple more photos on the function of the suitcase. In these photos, you can also see I brought along my wash body towel and my laptop, for when and if I wanted to do a bit of summer project work or just use it to watch Youtube videos or anything on the ITV hub.

This concludes my travel essentials blog post, I hope this was of interest to you or helped you in some way for when you next travel or anything similar to that. Don’t forget to like, comment and share this with any Family and friends.

Until my next blog post,


Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this one as it’s been a bit different to what I normally post on my little space on the interweb!

If you have any recommendations on what you would like to see from me next, feel free to comment down below.

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