21 Things I learnt at 21 (2017)

Hey Dreamers,

I turned 21 a couple of days ago!!

21 sign

Still feels weird to say seeing as I still feel about 19, but I thought it’d be nice to put together some things I learned up to the age of 21 and so I can reflect back to these on my next Birthday; which is about 9 Months away. I also thought it might interesting and a bit original (if I do say so myself) so use some of my favourite quotes and lessons in life, either through short poems or short sentences.

  1.  No matter what our circumstance, we always have something to be thankful for.

2. Don’t take life so seriously.

3. Have self-care Sundays from now on to create, pamper and reflect.

4.  Do more for yourself.

5. You don’t owe anyone pretty.

6. Don’t burn yourself out just to light someone else’s flame

7. Gratitude and Appreciation go a long way, let your friends and family know you care.

8. Music, incense, and candles feed the soul. (Take some time to manifest your intentions for the day).

9. People don’t care enough to judge you in every day, passing life if they do it’s for a split second and then they carry on with their day. (You are worth more than people’s opinions of you, and you deserve to go out and live your life).

10. There is no growth in the comforts zone

11. (Aim to be a good, respectable human being). Kindness is free, sprinkle that shit everywhere.

12. It doesn’t matter who you are or how nice you are, people will always form an opinion on you based on how they perceive you. RCT

13. What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine you become. -Anonymous

14. “If you want to Sour in life, you must first learn to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)”. – Mark Sterling

15. How people treat you is not a reflection of your worth. RCT

16. Never stop being creative at heart. RCT

17. Honestly, no one on this planet truly knows what they’re doing in life, sure some have an idea but most of us are just going with the flow that is our life. RCT

18. “Thoughts become perception, perception becomes reality. Alter your thoughts, alter your reality”. – William James / 18.1: “The greatest dictionary of my generation is that a human being can alter his(her) life by altering his(hers) attitudes”. – William James

19.  Always make time for yourself, some ‘me’ time can be a good for reflection as well as doing something you love. RCT

20. Never stop being a student in life, there is always something to learn. RCT

21. ‘”Grow through what you go through”. – Anonymous

This year for me so far has been really about reflecting on who I want to be, aiming to do more of what I love and become a better version of myself.

Thank you for sticking around if you got through all of those, I plan to share a ‘What I received for my 21st’ and ‘What I got for Christmas (2017)’ blog posts; which will be available at the start of the New Year. Until my next post,



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