To The Younger Generation…

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Hi Dreamers,

Today’s blog post (as you can tell by the title) is to the younger generation. These are some tips and pieces of advice I wish someone would’ve told me when I was growing up that I thought could still benefit someone else life. You may even find that the title may not apply to you but you can see ways in which you can relate and may even channel them in your present life.

Just like always if you find this post helps you feel free to share it or discuss with any younger family members who might benefit from hearing the points made here.

1. You don’t have to fit in.

Many times during your youthful years, you will find at times you feel out of place and that you might not fit in all of the time the way you wish you would. Trust me when I say your not alone and I can relate. Just know you don’t have to change your self to have a good friend or friendship group around you and you don’t have to change yourself to fit in with the “cool kids”, because honestly, that would be a waste of who you are and ungenuine of you.

2. Embrace who you are.

You are constantly growing and evolving, physically and mentally. Don’t feel bad if you are a slow developer with puberty, boobs and periods. Our body clocks are all different and they will come to you when the times right. If you have an interest and flaw that people will feel the need to point out to you to make you feel bad, don’t listen to them, I know this is easier said then done but if you choose to embrace who you are and your uniqueness; your self-confidence will shine through and it will leave your haters wondering how your doing it.

3. You are not Inferior.

If you find that people around you even friends are trying to put you down and manipulate you, recognize the right and wrong in the situation. Are they taking something you said or how you acted and trying to make you feel bad and unworthy? If yes these people are probably jealous and insecure within their own self and lives and want to make you feel inferior so that it makes them feel good about themselves. Remember how people make others feel about themselves says a lot about people and the motives.

4. The norm is boring anyway.

Look at you, you may have qualities about yourself you wish you could change and you deeply wonder why you can’t look like or be someone else. Like I said before it would be a waste of who you are to want to be someone else, sure you think you look and are different. You feel you’re not like everyone else, that they’ll never understand, but the norm is boring. There are people out their who spend their lives trying to be unique and that can bring someone thing different to the table. It may happen the person/people you wish you were are also unsatisfied with the way they look at times and they too don’t feel as perfect as even you make them out to be.

5. Stick with what you love but don’t be afraid of trying something new.

So you love to dance? make art? play guitar and sing? play a type of sport? play with a chemistry set? It’s great when you find your passions as a young child or person because you never know that may help you find the direction you want to go in, in life and it will help you discover your purpose. Sometimes you may grow out of stuff but that okay, don’t be afraid to take up another hobby and try something new, there no harm in trying and what have you got to lose?!

When your younger you family members or people around you may make you feel bad about what you love to do, because “it’s not cool” but it may turn out they’re just envious that they don’t have something they love, the way you love your hobby.

6. Love and embrace your youth while you still have it.

At times you may get caught up in your insecurities but try not to let them dictate on how you live your life, people look back on their younger years and sometimes wish things were different. I also think we should encourage children and young people not to grow up so fast, it’s a waste of their time and I think you should be able to enjoy yourself while it lasts and not have to worry about adulthood and issues you shouldn’t have to worry about.

7. Learn to not care what others think.

Stop caring about what others think of you. yep I said it. The people who criticize you will always try to put their negativity on to you and try to make you think that their opinion is valid or necessary when it isn’t. If you didn’t ask for it, don’t listen and remind them if they’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Remember it’s all about mind over matter.

8. Focus and try your best.

When it comes to school I think everyone will have some they love or hate about it, whether it be the lessons, how the schools run, the people in it (teachers and students) but remember to always focus in each lesson so you know your taking advantage of all opportunities at school to learning the most and doing your best with what they choose to teach.

For me, I always disliked maths as I didn’t understand a lot of the time and although I did the best I could I felt there was always some block, but one day during secondary school maybe year 9 or 10 I just decided and tried to change my perspective on it. This helped me do a bit better every time with my grades and when you see the progress you may gain confidence in your performance of the subject. We never stop learning as people, so if you can discipline yourself at a younger age and try your best, this will help you when you’re older. If you try you’re best you’re less likely to regret not putting enough effort into your work.

9. Work, Work, Work.

Something I have slight regret was not getting a job as early as I could’ve, as it would’ve helped me get a foot into work life and given me confidence in the workspace and also start to have an income. But if like me you weren’t that encouraged to do so, not even for a paper round then maybe have a chat with your parents and If they are supportive of it and it’s something you really want to do to help better yourself in the future then I would 100% go for it.

It will also help you understand how to manage your time and money better and let you understand that just because the money is there that doesn’t mean you have to splurge and waste it on things you don’t need. Also if you start gaining experience for your CV, it’s more likely to help you get a job as stores and businesses like it when you have experience. Remember to try and work in a space that guarantees your safety and that your parents/guardians have a good understanding of your place or role of work

10. Don’t take everything too seriously.

You have your whole life ahead of you, and yes there is a lot of horrible and disgusting things happening in the world to take seriously and wonder about but try to stay light-hearted and enjoy your life. You don’t have to be doing what everyone else is doing, and If I were you I’d stay away from social media altogether, as, in my opinion, it’s not good at feeding your soul and doesn’t help you overcome your insecurities. It may be damaging in the long run.

I really hope you like this post, I’ve been thinking up and planning to create some good and original content that people can look back on over and over again. Let me know any idea’s for blog content and your thoughts on what I’ve discussed here.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next blog posts.


Rachael x


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