Lazy Oaf, a Fashion Film

Hey Dreamers,

So it’s a day after my hand in for the fashion film unit and yesterday was just such a weird day, after not being able to access software in my uni library, having a tutor help me out with my corrupted film file before the hand in time and even not having any sleep prior to the morning of my hand in. I was honestly just to tried from completing and tweaking my niche brand report and my marketing report that I just wanted the hand in and the morning over already.



The good news is the film was able to be saved, not to the extent of it looking how I’d edited it but it was finally export for Youtube, hens the title of this blog post. I faced a lot of obstacles such as the backdrop on the day of the shoot, lateness from a model, finding royalty free music as well as not feeling well; I was so exhausted that when I got home I was just feeling so tired and felt a Migraine coming on. I really didn’t want that to happen cos my last and worst Migraine, I had given my head excruciating pain as well as forgetfulness of who people were.

I got to edit my film alongside nearly completing everything else this week but due to my film not being able to export because of all the glitching and error’s it set me back big time, which meant I had to put more focus onto the film and instead of the other things that I needed complete.

Anyway enough about the negatives, I hope you’re all having a great weekend and I’ll leave you all with the link to my film.

Happy Saturday!!


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