Forget V Day, it’s Me Day Honey!

Hey Dreamers!!

me day not v day

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day (just like me). Well not to worry because, Today is all about you SISTA!!

Just because you don’t have a significant other to spend the day with doesn’t mean you have to feel blue, the right guy will come along in no time; but for now embrace being single and have a bright, happy day! That may be easier said than done seeing as where I live has pretty much rained all day but not to worry, you just need to remember the weather’s not a reflection on how you feel today, sometimes the clouds have just got to cry for a while.

A few TIPS I have for my fellow singletons Today is to forget about Social Media today, and I do mean all kinds, there’s no point in making yourself feel bad by comparing your day to others who are in relationships and posting all those Chocolates and Boracay’s of Flowers everywhere you turn.

It also could be good for you to have a little break from them, no you’re not going awol! You’re simply having a day to yourself! Even if you’re at work today, with colleagues who like to remind you how single you are at the moment, remember there is a lot of people out there in relationships for the sake of being in a relationship or not to be alone, some people just don’t feel complete. So if you show up in a good mood and they wonder why, you know you don’t need to randomly find a date; just to spend your evening with someone.

If you’ve got some friends who, too are single, have a sleepover and watch some of your Favourite movies, with some food of your choice (I’m thinking Pizza?!); or as an alternative have a night out to a Club or Bar, and GO LIVE YOUR BEST LIVES!!

If it’s just you in your friendship group without a significant other, just have a movie night for one! Remember you get to choose your Movie selection, and decide if you wanna make your favourite meal in or go for the TAKE OUT; ’cause you only live once.

Today will pass in no time, I’m sure! but for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll leave you with this song I’ve recently discovered – Home With You!


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