♡ Catch up with Rach! ♡

catch up with rach. tea time

Hey Dreamers!!

How is everyone? December is finally here and it’s time to get your Advent Calendars out, and to start getting into the swing of Christmas.
I’ve listened to some Christmas songs but I’m yet to dive right into them, what’s your favourite Christmas songs, I’d really like to know so that I can also be exposed to other songs 🙂
So I handed in my Design Identity unit about 2 Fridays ago now, and it was a bit nerve-racking if I’m honest. A few complications occurred last minute with my USB so some work wasn’t able to be handed in but it’s pretty much all done now; just waiting for my referral. #positivethoughts
Also some good news, Holographic Blur is back on Instagram, so I’ll be able to update you all on sneak peaks of my future posts through visual recordings on our Instagram feed.
Did you see our first Story on our page a couple of days ago?? If not, we have a story going up on Saturday, as well as starting to share my content that has been patiently anticipated since our comeback.
Please feel free to share your ideas on what you want to see on all our platforms as well as sharing this post with a Friend over some coffee or a hot chocolate.
I am excited to get back into my routine with blogposts, so keep an eye out for new content, such as an ‘Unboxing of Converse trainers Review’.
 Converse Shoes
Thank you for being on this journey with me, I really appreciate it!
Rach xx

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