Collective Primark Haul

Hey Dreamers,

I’ve been away for quite some time I realize, and first of I hope you all had a wonderful Summer and a healthy transition into Autumn. I’ve been so busy getting into my Design Identity Project, which I’m really enjoying; you probably all have seen my previous post but I’ll probably go more in depth with what I’m up to in a few weeks time. So keep your eyes peeled!! 🙂

As you may tell by the title Today’s post will be a Collective Primark Haul Post, I’ve had a few photos stored from this post but since then I did go on a small shop too as I really don’t have time for shopping and really focusing on my Uni work this second year!






Light Pink Towel – £3 – 4                   Studded and Hooped Earrings x9 – £3

Compact Mirror – £1                          Light Pink Face Cloths x3 – £1.50

Floral Strapped Sandals – £8 – 9       Washi Tape – £1.90

Pack of Tweezers – £1                        Calvin Harris Album – £10

HP glasses – £2                                    HP Card Holder/Wallet – £3

Pink, Grey Socks x5 – £2.50               Pale Blue Textured Top – £6

Cream Detailed Jumper – £10          Grey Textured Jumper – £10

Eyelash Curler – £1                            Three Hair Grips – 50p

Carmex Lip Balm – £2                       Hooped Earrings X10 – £3

Bab Bubble Gum – £1 -2                   HP Device Stickers x8


As you can tell some products were just repurchases that were necessary and some I thought would be handy, I hope you liked this post, and find a few pieces you like in the store. The Jumpers were bought in mid-August so you could probably still find them. I do have to say I did previously buy Tweezers from Primark and they were great but this pair, in particular, wasn’t as the smaller pair wouldn’t close properly or pick up anything which was annoying so I will probably stick with Superdrug if I need any in future.

Thanks for sticking around, I will have a Monthly Favourites Post up in a week or so. Let me know any of your favourite pieces from the post or of anything you’ve recently seen that may be of interest.

Rach xx



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