October Favourites 2017

Hiya  Dreamers,

Wow, how have we nearly already got through 2017!! This year really has flown by, I would love to know what have been some of your 2017 high lights so far? Feel free to leave a comment below…



Here are my Music and Video playlists, I hope you enjoy.

Oct Playlist 2017

Oct Video Playlist 2017

I rediscovered one of my favourite Singers ‘Gabrielle Aplin’ from a few years ago and her most recent songs and her latest  Ep, which is really good. My favourite track is called ‘Stay’; which you can listen to in my October Playlist. 🙂

Thanks for tuning into another of my Monthly Favourites blog posts, as I’m busy with my current Project I won’t be as active on my blog as I would like but if you’d like to keep up to date with my Social media you can find them below and on my homepage.

Happy Halloween, I hope you have a great night. See you!





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