Vintage/70’s/Boho-chic/ inspired type Project.

Hey Dreamers,

I’m currently in my Second Year at Uni and I’m quite excited about this first Unit.

First Unit- Produce a Publication of our choice, I think I’m going to go with my Vintage themed Mag, a fresh – possibly my stylised intake. If you’re interested in doing some modeling in a 70’s (boho-chic style) photoshoot and are available to travel to the locations I have in mind, which are all mostly located in Bournemouth, Uk. Feel free to contact me.

It would be a big help to create what I have in mind for my photoshoots, also if you or your friends style is a relaxed 70’s boho influenced style and you’d (both) like to contribute as a model, this would also be a big help and I’d be very grateful for your time.

I’ll also update this post and attach a mood board or 2 to show what I have in mind and the direction I’d like to go in.

Rach xx

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