September Favourites 2017

Hey Dreamers,

This is my Monthly round-up of all that I’ve liked/ loved from the month of September, also apologies for the delay; I was soo busy throughout my days as well as getting up to a Summer Project for University.


Sept Video Playlist 2017


Here’s my fab Playlist for this month, made for you!

Let me know what you think.

Sept Playlist 2017


To anyone who’s experienced a problem with any spots, redness or blemishes, this product I bought from Avon, you won’t see much change until after 3-4 nights in a row, this is due to the product getting used to your skin and its issues. I try to use this to the required number of nights in the background so I don’t use too much, it leaves skin feeling clean and soft.
Original Vaseline Lip Therapy (Blue Tin)
-Bought from Primark for only 80p
Before getting back into the swing of Uni timetables, I wanted to start a bit of experimentation with the colours for when we went out for my Mums Birthday on the 29th.


Create your own wall hanging made from recycled wood, a drawing pin, some additional think wire,  acrylic paint, Sharpie’s to create typography for a quote or lyrics 🙂



Happiness!! It can be the route to solve all bad, when you’re stuck in a rut, waiting for God or someone to get you out and help them lead the way; but what you realized is that you are your own person and the way you think translates into everything else on the outside. ‘Choose to be Happy’ is a quote I live by and still remind my self from time to time that Happiness really is a gift and choice and if you make the conscious decision to live by what you say a lot will come true!

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you think about it? and what’s been your favourites here? or do you recommend any??



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